Founders' Wall

Bridge to Zion Founders' Wall celebrates our original transformational donors—individuals, families, organizations, businesses and groups—who are making a powerful impact in and throughout the Nation of Israel. 

The support of each of these donors enables Bridge to Zion to rise to the challenges facing Israel today by providing a pro-Israel crowdfunding platform for projects that will directly impact the sustainable economic growth and well-being of the Nation of Israel—creating a literal Bridge to Zion! 

*All funds that donors have contributed to Bridge to Zion help pay for the marketing and advertising required to reach out to our pro-Israel audience around the worldspreading the news of how to help support various pro-Israel projects here on the Bridge to Zion crowdfunding site. 

This wall highlights the contributions of donors at 3 unique levels... Thank You for Your Support!

Gaines & Sandy Dittrich
Deborah Grisham
Hebron Ministries - Camp Hebron

Tim & Sandy Alsbaugh
Rebekah Apperson
Leonard & Kelli Beaucage
Brenda Bevan
Lynn & Debbie Bull
Patty Fink
Ruyana Fugitt
Tom Horne
Tim & Joy Hunt
Curt & Christie Landry
Melvin Love
Loren & Joy Mason
One New Man Fellowship 
Joseph & Darlene Sealy
Viral Solutions, LLC

Tilitha Allen
Jeff & Tish Almich
Dale & Alesia Barb
Danielle Beil
Nancy Black
Roseanne Brumit
Carol R. Carreon
Donna Cassinelli
Justin & Renee Chase
Sandy Clanton
Richard Clark
John Cook
Jolie Cooper
Gary & Charlotte Countryman
Jeris L. Cribbs
Bill & Kathleen Crozier
Lee R. Deburle
Mary & Stephen Decker
Carmen Deleon
Emilee Delong
Carol Devault
Sandy Doyl
Max & Peggy Drake
Riley & Kayla Edmondson
Pamela Faith Fahey
Marisa Fritzemeier
David & Mary Fritzemeier
Charles & Connie Garst 
Garst Farms
Ron Gibson
Muriel Gordon
Michael Garcia
Peter & Jennifer Haas
Dolores Hagans
Roxane Hale
Kasey Harless
Craig & Cassie Harper
Karen Michael Heller
Martha Henderson
Jim & Piper Hollars
Pauline Hovington
Janice Jeffers
Dianna Kimbro
James Latham
Carolyn D. Lyles
Judith Mace
Peggy Magnuson
Paul & Megann Marcellino
Nora W. Mayo
Dale & Patty Merritt
Kathleen Moon
Cathy Moore
Mary Nuttall
Renee & George Oglesby
Jamey & Jennifer Olson
Charlotte Page
Pathfinder Ministries
Nidhal Poles
Mary Pope
Marie Primeaux
Leesa J. Puffington
Susan Purkiss
Pamela Reynolds
Kathy Riggs
David Risden
Peggy Roberts
Charles T. Schott
Steven Shaffer
Warren Smith
Debra H. Taylor
Daniel Taylor
Kendra & Shawn Thompson
Andrea Tunnell
Virginia Turner
Andrew S. Vitek
James & Connie Von Brookner
George & Susan Wallenburg
Craig & Leslie Weston
John & Diane Wieman