Starting a Project

  • What types of projects are accepted on this platform?
    We accept all types of projects that blesses the Nation of Israel directly or indirectly... including many humanitarian aid projects, agriculture, documentary films, education, etc. As projects are submitted we will be adding additional categories.

    Despite this neutrality, we aim at promoting and maintaining quality as a simple rule of thumb. Not all of us are, or will be, creative. But as fans, we can all easily agree that well thought out projects with clear objectives do go a long way and warrant more than just a nod and a pat in the back.

    Finally, it goes without saying that any and all forms of illegal content will not be accepted on this site. Please refer to our Guidelines page for details.
  • I have more questions... How can I contact you?
    We are always available for questions (please click here). You can also check out our FAQ page for more detailed information.

    Please be sure to also refer to our Project Creator Handbook for more information and great ideas on starting and running your project!
  • Does Bridge to Zion curate or screen projects?
    Bridge to Zion will do a quick check to make sure that your project meets our Guidelines and is a good fit with our company vision before it launches. We would never reject a project for any other reason. Remember, our goal is for your project to become an overnight success story! 

  • How does my project become a Featured Project?
    The Bridge to Zion staff will showcase projects that we really like. We will highlight projects that do an exceptional job of utilizing our platform with an exciting or interesting video, includes exceptionally priced rewards... and tells a good story. If your project is not featured as a Featured Project, please know that most successfully funded projects do just fine without it.
  • Who sends a donation receipt to each backer if my project is tax deductible?

    If your project qualifies and you are a project owner with a 501C-3 nonprofit status, sponsorships may be tax-deductible. Remember that you will be responsible for sending receipts to your backers. Please talk to your accounting experts!

  • What happens if I don't get funded by the deadline?
    If a project on Bridge to Zion does not fully reach its funding goal by the deadline you should not panic! If possible take a step forward with your project with what you gained as it's your responsibility to place the funds that you have gained toward your project. 

    On the positive side: You can always relaunch your project with Bridge to Zion!

    Remember... project creators oftentimes gain useful feedback from people who were interested in their project. This information can prove to helpful when you decide to relaunch your project.

  • What happens if I get funded and the deadline is met?
    It's time to get to work and bring your project to life!

    Now that your funding goal has been reached or exceeded, and the deadline has been met, your remaining backers' credit cards will be charged. And these remaining funds will automatically be transferred to the Stipe and/or PayPal  accounts that you furnished us when you first launched your project.

    It's now time to share your success with your backers; post updates with the big news, and then again as you continue to progress (about once or twice a month). Most people love to hear that their investment is moving forward as planned. They will really appreciate the information. 

    When you have all of your funds, and your rewards are ready to be processed and sent to your backers, It is your responsibility to follow-up with your backers and to make sure that their rewards are fulfilled. 

    All finished!

    Remember... It is then up to you to continue with updates, blogs, newsletters, etc. 

  • My project reached its deadline for fundraising, what happens now?
    When the project deadline has been reached, all backers' contributions that have not yet been transferred to you will be transferred as soon as funds have been authorized by your merchant account.

    You will then also be supplied with a comprehensive list of your backers, as well as a list of the rewards that are to be fulfilled at that time. 

    Please Note! Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that rewards are fully delivered to each of your backers. It is good to also remember that backers have the option to NOT receive a reward at all. Some of your supporters will likely have chosen that option, so don't panic when the number of backers don't add up to the rewards distributed.

  • My project reached its financing goal, but the deadline has not been met, what happens now?
    That's good news! As long as the project has not reached its deadline, fans are still able to participate or contribute again.

    On another note, this is a chance for you to find ways to spice your project up a bit. Or perhaps, you may want to thank your fans with even better rewards!
  • How much does it cost to fundraise using this platform?
    Registering on the website and submitting projects are FREE. We only charge when a backers credit card is charged. The Bridge to Zion portal fee is 9% of the funds you raise.

    In addition, Stripe and/or PayPal may charge a commission of about 3-4% per transaction.

    Project creators never give up any ownership of their work to Bridge to Zion or backers. You retain 100% ownership and control over your project.

  • How can I create a project?
    To create a project, submit your project info using the New Project button here or in the top menu. Just fill in all the fields following the instructions on-screen, and click the 'Save' button at the bottom!
  • Do I have to make a video?
    A video about your project is strongly encouraged, but not required. The majority of projects include videos, but those that do not, normally have a much lower success rate. Creating a video is not that hard! Be sure to browse our Projects page for inspiration.
  • Where does the money come from?
    Thousands of people visit Bridge to Zion every week, but support will always begin with people you know. Friends, fans, and the communities that you are a part of will be the biggest supporters of your project. These supporters are those who will help spread the word to people that they know, and so forth.

    One recommendation that we would like to make is that before you launch your project you should already have a core group of people who are willing to contribute to your cause.

    Remember... A good idea that is communicated well can spread exponentially!
  • How much work is it to run a project?
    Every one of Bridge to Zion projects has its share of exciting moments, as well as challenging ones. The amount of work that you will need to devote to a project will always depend upon its size and complexity. 

    The preparation in the beginning of the project and the final few days will be full of activity... spreading the word and answering many questions from backers and potential contributors. Successful projects tend to have a life of their own, culminating unexpected success that can create more work to go along with the excitement!

    To sum it up... a Bridge to Zion project is just that, a project. But, over and over Bridge to Zion project creators tell us that in the end the payoff is well worth the effort!
  • What happens once my project is created?
    Once the project has been created, we do a quick check to see if your project has all the details it needs for supporters to know. And you should be on your way! 

    Please be sure to refer to our Project Creator Handbook for more details and creative ideas!
  • How can I promote a project?
    We have incorporated sharing tools, which you can find on the <<Project Page>>: share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

    This is, of course, just to get you started; let your imagination run wild! Spread the word on your blog or your personal website; talk to friends at parties, to your neighbors, to people at your local supermarket... everybody you know.
  • How do I receive funds from my successful project?
    You will receive your funds immediately once someone donates. You will want to make sure that you have completed your account set-up on Stripe and/or PayPal so you can transfer those funds into your bank account. You will complete this information when you begin the launch process.

    The amount of money disbursed will be the amount you raise, less our portal fee and any merchant account processing fees on an ongoing basis throughout your campaign. You will need an account to access those funds. Keep in mind that there might also be currency exchange with your designated merchant account that may apply.
  • Contributing to a Project

  • Who sends me my tax-deductible contribution receipt?
    The project owner will be responsible for sending you your tax-deductible contribution receipt if the specific project that you contributed to qualifies as a tax-deductible project.
  • How much does it cost to contribute to a project on this platform?
    Registering on Bridge to Zion and contributing to projects are completely FREE. This saves you your money for your favorite project!
  • How can I pay?
    We use both Stripe and PayPal to power the transactions on our site. Stripe and PayPal are some of the biggest payment processors on the internet, and accepts most types of credit cards, as well as bank accounts as payment sources throughout the world. You will be instructed on how to create such a payment account (if you don't already have one) during the checkout process.

  • Am I debited immediately when I contribute to a project?
    Yes... The merchant account (Stripe and/or PayPal) of the project that you contribute to will debit the amount straight away and send you a confirmation email.
  • Can I update/cancel my contribution after the funds have been processed?
    Unfortunately all contributions are non-refundable. 
  • What happens if a project doesn't reach its funding target?
    All contributions are final whatever the outcome of the project.

  • How can I contribute to a project?
    Nothing simpler. On the project page, click the button 'I Want to Contribute'. On the next screen, enter how much you'd like to contribute, and choose the reward you want. After you click the 'Let's Go' button, you will be redirected to PayPal. As a secure payment channel, it will enable you to pre-authorize the payment. Once finished, you will be directed back to this platform and receive a confirmation email.