Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust Survivors






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Holocaust Survivors

After living through the Holocaust, many survivors living in Israel are being abandoned in their older years. YOU can give them HOPE!

Having survived the Holocaust, many aging Jews throughout Israel now live without even the most basic of modern necessities—clean hot and cold running water. They struggle to make it to doctor’s appointments, or even to the grocery store. Simple acts of self-care that we take for granted—haircuts, social nights, special food for religious feasts and warm winter blankets—are denied to them. 

Their entire life has been a struggle, and they deserve to be recognized for their courage. At Curt Landry Ministries, it is our honor and obligation to provide for these brave men and women in their latter years—physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Earlier this year we funded a team a plumbers and repair men—many of who volunteered their services, while our generous donors provided the supplies—so that we could provide working plumbing for Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem who could not afford the repairs on their own.

For $5,000 per month ($60,000 a year), and with the gracious help of a team of dedicated volunteers, we can continue this amazing work and can continue making a difference in the lives of over 400 Holocaust survivors in Israel by meeting their most basic needs!  

And we can do more.

We can provide care-givers who can drive survivors to their appointments, pick up prescriptions, cook hot meals and provide companionship. We can ensure that each and every one of them has hot running water and heat in the winter. We can show them they have not been forgotten.

Thanks to our volunteers, every dollar we raise will go directly toward materials to make this vision a reality. It will pay for pipes, blankets, gas money, entertainment and so much more.

We thank you for your heartfelt consideration. YOUR gift will make a huge difference in the lives of countless Holocaust survivors in Israel… bringing smiles, hope and dignity to so many who have already suffered so much!




NOTE: All Contributions are Tax Deductible, less any Fair Market Value goods.