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Who am I?

My name is James Hollars. I have been a business manager in the corporate world for over 20 years… so writing this book has personally been a bit of a stretch for me. However, regardless of the stretch, I have been inspired to share my story of raising-up a female boxer-mix puppy, named Faith. Through my daily interaction with Faith, watching her grow, develop and learn, she has taught me so many invaluable life-lessons, including how to improve my overall outlook on life! It is because of that and applying those lessons learned to my own life, that I now realize the importance of utilizing my time and resources to their fullest. What has taken me a mere 10 months to learn regarding the important principals of life and how to apply those to my own personal and business life, could have spared me nearly a decade of striving to understand… had I only known.


My Goal…

My goal is to raise the funds necessary to publish this book, Unleashing Faith: An Awakening! It is an inspiring story about how Faith has improved my life, both personally and professionally, as a leader in business. 

What is faith? Faith is the name of my 10-month-old boxer-mix puppy—my inspiration for this story.

This book will inspire you to live life to your fullest potential. It will show you how small details can relate to so many things in relationships, both personal and also when dealing with those in the business world. 

The Forward in this book is written by Curt Landry, with endorsements from Tim Alsbaugh and Dr. Luke Holter.

‘Dr. Luke’ writes:

The book, "Unleashing Faith: An Awakening!," by James Hollars, is an amazing practical teaching tool on the simplicity and risk of standing on faith! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand an attainable teaching on the work of faith! You will be blessed by this book!

Dr. Luke Holter


Where am I and Where am I Heading?

Unleashing Faith: An Awakening! is currently in the final editing stages and will soon be ready for publication with your help!!! We hope to have the funds to publish, 5,000 copies on our first run and also have plans to publish more books as demand dictates.

I hesitate to put a number limit on how many copies I will publish in my first edition. The number I publish will be determined by the orders received and the funds raised. I do have wonderfully high expectations for this simple reading book and know you will want to share it with others in your life as well!! 


Thank You!!!

We would like to thank you in advance for your support of this book publication, and we know you will be truly blessed in using this tool to apply to your own walk with Faith!



Complimentary Excerpt from Unleashing Faith: An Awakening!—

Faith is Friendly

Chapter 8


There are times when I take Faith out for a walk that we stop and just take in the world around us. Faith is such a friendly dog that she just sits with me and is amazingly calm for being just a pup. She appears to be pleased that she is out of the fenced in area, and is enjoying life and the freedom. 


I relate these little times away with Faith to the times when I get away with the Lord. They are times when I seek His voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit. I find myself listening to His insight through the books I read, the messages I hear, or just the day-to-day things that He is working on in my life. He brings conviction, direction, and guidance that keeps me focused and aligned with the call that He has placed on my life...